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Apologies, BUT.....
I have not accepted any new clients in the last five, six... seven? years. And in that time, this site has sat ...in the wild... just... moldering.

This old commercial design side of the website..., it's kinda embarrassing actually (it was put together in the early 2000s). LOL. Soooo, I FINALLY decided to just pull it down ...for now.

I am waaaaaay tooo busy to mess with this at THIS exact moment and can't stand looking at it anymore. So. Whatever.

HOWEVER. You are, cordially invited... to check out the fine art side of the website... which is growing bigger every day. THAT'S what I am REALLY focused on: making art and making videos, etc. (and trying desperately to find time to update THAT site). Ha.

Maybe this will turn out to be a mistake and I will HAVE to update and fix THIS site too. Ugh. Hope not. LOL. Anyway. Have a GREAT day.

-- Chris Eisenbraun
    January 2016

NOTE: if you are a "regular"/a.k.a., a current client of the studio..., don't panic. Services are as always. NOTHING has changed. Ok? :)

Design is about communication
...in WHATEVER media you're going to use...